Insights in the consumers' behaviour concerning cars

Trustmedia, the advertising agency of De Tijd | L’Echo, launched a survey in January 2015 among 2.100 respondents concerning the consumers' behaviour regarding cars, and this in collaboration with Checkmarket. What differentiates the reader of De Tijd | L'Echo from the average Belgian?


3 out of 4 readers of De Tijd | L’Echo have at least 2 cars in their family and 1 out of 5 even owns at least 3 cars (vs. 1,14 for the average Belgian). The survey confirms the expectations that the readers of De Tijd | L’Echo have an obvious interest for mainly premium brands in the higher price range. On the other hand, the survey reveals another important fact: readers of De Tijd | L'Echo are particularly interested in and are looking for information about smaller cars with a price under 25.000 euros. This can be explained by the fact that they are mostly the decision maker and sponsor for the purchase of the 2nd and 3rd car in the family.


Besides the private purchases, the survey also contains a section about the professional decisions concerning the car park. 1 out of 3 readers of De Tijd | L'Echo is responsible or has impact on the company's car park. Decisive factors are the Cost of Ownership, the CO2-emission and the netwerk of the dealers.


Finally, the survey shows that the readers of De Tijd | L'Echo are also interested in hybrid and electric cars. Their intention to purchase one is 2 x higher than the intention of the average Belgian.

Do you see the opportunities ?

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