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1. About Mediafin Studios
The media sales house of Mediafin NV (hereafter referred to as “Mediafin Studios”) offers advertising space for sale on audio-visual channels, in newspapers, in magazines and on digital media, that are the property of Mediafin NV, or of a third party for which Mediafin Studios acts as an external sales house.

Mediafin Studios, with its registered offices at Havenlaan 86C box 309, 1000 Brussels, company registration number 0404.800.301, acts in this as the responsible processor.

Mediafin Studios cares a great deal about your privacy, and as a result, takes all the necessary measures to protect your privacy in accordance with the Law for the Protection of the Personal Life with regards to the Processing of Personal Data, and from 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation  ("GDPR"), in both cases together with all legislation that they will be implemented or supplemented with and possible other applicable legislation related to the protection of data or privacy.

This privacy and cookie policy (hereafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”) is applicable when Mediafin Studios manages, exploits and commercialises advertising space on websites, (mobile) applications, products and services that are offered by Mediafin NV (hereafter referred to as “Services”), as well as a third party for which Mediafin Studios acts as an external sales house.

The aim is to provide a clear view of which data Mediafin Studios collects when you visit the websites of Mediafin NV, or of a third party for which Mediafin Studios acts as an external sales house, why this is done, and which means you have to contest this policy. For this, we also refer to the privacy policy of De Tijd and L’Echo.

2. Entities Mediafin Studios
The following entities are part of Mediafin Studios and offer Services:

  • Trustmedia
  • Content Republic
  • Comfi
  • Bereal
  • Bepublic

3. The Services
Mediafin NV offers various Services in terms of information and events, for which it offers you content to inform you and to create greater involvement. This way, the entities of Mediafin NV want to know you better and tailor the Services you selected better to your personal preferences. These Services include personalised content and advertising (including minimal repetition of the same advertising), as well as the sharing of personal data within Mediafin NV as outlined above in this Privacy Policy.

When we refer to “content”, we mean, amongst other, all articles, visual and audio material, advertising, and other content that we offer, interactive or not (i.e. polls, competitions…).

This content is selected based on prior agreed criteria, which is determined by the content of the pages or categories of the websites that you visit, and the information that you were able to share with Mediafin Studios when registering on the various websites or Services by Mediafin NV.

4. How do we collect data? And what data is included?
Personal data of Mediafin NV can be shared with various entities that are part of company itself, in Belgium and abroad, including Mediafin Studios.
In addition, Mediafin Studios can also receive data from advertisers, commercial partners, and/or associated entities.

This way, Mediafin Studios collects and processes the following information for the purposes, as determined in article 6 of this Privacy Policy:

  • Registration
    We collect data  (for example e-mail address, name, company, and telephone number) when you register on the website of Trustmedia ( to inform you via e-mail and telephone about advertising campaigns or promotions.

  • Data that we collect based on your use of Services and App(s) of Mediafin NV.
    We collect data when you use Services by Mediafin NV. For example: which subscription do you have, the websites that you visit, the functions that you use, advertising that is displayed on the pages you visit, as well as the advertisements that you click on. These are pseudonymised. These data are used to track the effective number of visitors and use of the websites of Mediafin NV across all users.

  • Mediafin Studios conducts market research and sents out questionnaires to collect the answers on those market research questions. The collected data is stored for analysis purposes.

    When using the app(s) by Mediafin NV on a mobile device, the unique identification code of the device can be captured, as well as the type of used device or the version of the operating system.

  • Information about the location of the user: Mediafin NV can capture how and where the app is used and where it is downloaded.

5. Cookies

  • What are cookies?
    Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer by the websites that you visit. Cookies are mostly used to allow websites to function optimally, to track the actions of the visitors of the website, to store login details, etc. the use of cookies is safe. No personal details, such as a phone number or e-mail address, can be extracted from cookies. As a result, cookies cannot be used for e-mail and telemarketing campaigns.

  • Why do we use cookies?
    Mediafin NV uses cookies on its websites for all purposes, as stipulated in article 6 of this Privacy Policy, and in particular:

                             i) to improve the quality and functionalities of the websites;
                     ii) to analyse how users use the websites and to gather statistics;
                     iii) to show you personalised information and advertisements as part of the Services by Mediafin NV.

  • Which cookies does Mediafin NV use?
    There are different types of cookies. In some cases, cookies are automatically deleted when closing your browser, in other cases these cookies are stored longer and can be read again when visiting this website again later.

Necessary cookies allow users to navigate through the website and use the website’s functionalities.
Performance cookies collect details about the use of a website, such as the number of visitors, the time users spend on a webs page and error notifications. Mediafin Studios uses, amongst others Google Analytics (allows for the collection of anonymous data about the use of our websites and to make visitors statistics – How Google uses data when you use sites or apps by our partners), DoubleClick for Publishers (measures the number of impressions and clicks on the websites), and Adhese (mesures the number of impressions and clicks on the websites).

Functional cookies increase the user-friendliness of a website by remembering your choices (i.e. language preference, region, login).

Advertisement cookies allows for a website to send personalised advertising messages.

  • How can you refuse or remove cookies?
    You can set your browser to no longer receive any new cookies when next visiting the websites of Mediafin NV. The way to do this varies according to the browser; you can consult the help function of your browser, where you can also find out how to remove previously placed cookies.

    By the way: if you no longer wish to receive any cookies at all, you will need to change the settings in all browsers and on all computers that you use. If you refuse and/or remove cookies, it is possible that you will not be able to make use of all possibilities on the website.

    If you use various devices to visit this website, you will need to assure that your cookie preferences are set on the browser of each device.

    Further information about managing cookies can be found at
    In addition, on the following sites, you can choose from which companies you no longer wish to receive cookies: and

6. How do we use this data?

  • To identify individual preferences and personalise advertisements.
    Mediafin NV uses the data that it collects to personalise the Services it offers. Mediafin NV aims to make the Services it offers as relevant as possible for you. For this, a profile is stored based on your use of the Services of Mediafin NV to get a view on your presumed interests. Based on these interests and the visited web pages, Mediafin NV can adapt the advertisements and content to various groups of users.

    For further details, you can click through to the privacy policy of De Tijd and L’Echo.

  • In order to prevent and to track misuse or fraud:
    to prevent, track and investigate illegal or presumed illegal practices, such as fraud (for example with payment methods), and to enforce our general user conditions, in the interest of both Mediafin NV and you.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations:
    information can be used to comply with laws and regulations that Mediafin Studios is subject to, for handling disputes and checks (by accountants). Mediafin Studios can be legally obliged to release personal information in the framework of a dispute or if the authorities demand. In order to comply with these laws and regulations, it may happen that we release this information without your knowledge, without your permission and even without informing you. We hold the right to contest the right to the access to personal data by authorities.

7. Who do we share your personal data with?
This personal data is processed by Mediafin Studios, which is responsible for the processing.

7.1.We can share your personal data with other entities associated with Mediafin NV.

7.2. Personal data can be transferred to other companies, middlemen or service providers (“Suppliers”) to deliver specific services on our behalf. For example, we use Suppliers to deliver marketing, communication, infrastructure and IT services. It is possible that these Suppliers, for the delivery of such services, get access to your personal data or other information.

7.3.We hold the right, in the case of any reorganisation, restructuring, merger, sale or other transfer of business means, to transfer data, including personal data, given that the receiving party consents to processing your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

7.4.It is also possible that we share or transfer personal data, including the content of your communication:
- To comply with the law or to react to a legal procedure or legal requests, including law enforcement and government institutions;
- To detect, prevent or deal with fraud and technical security issues; or
- To protect the rights of Mediafin NV, including enforcement of our user conditions.

7.5. In addition, we can publicly share the collected non-personal (and thus anonymised) date with our partners, such as advertisers. For example, we can share these data with them to send them information about the general use of the services of Mediafin NV.

7.6. Your personal data can also be shared outside Europe. Mediafin Studios commits itself to only appoint processing managers and/or processors outside the European Economical Space, who in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation offer sufficient guarantees in terms of security and protection of personal data.

7.7. In addition, Mediafin Studios will not share your data with other third parties without your prior consent, unless Mediafin Studios is forced to do so based on a legal stipulation or a court ruling.

8. How are your personal data protected?

We pay great importance to the security of your data. We use various security technologies and procedures to protect your data in an appropriate way against unauthorised access, use or publication. For example, we store personal data that you share with us on computer systems that have limited access and are located in secured premises. Not a single security system is guaranteed
100% safe. As a result, we cannot guarantee the safety of your data in an absolute way and cannot accept to be held liable for unauthorised access to this data. By using the Services of Mediafin NV or by providing us with data in any other way, you agree that we can communicate with you electronically about security, privacy or management issues related to the use of these Services. It is your responsibility to keep secret the password you use to protect your accounts and personal data. If you share computer with someone else, you need to log out before leaving the Service to protect the access to your data by later users.

9. What are your rights?

You hold the right to have incomplete, incorrect, inappropriate or outdated personal data removed or updated. If you are of the opinion that the data we hold on you is incomplete, incorrect, inappropriate or outdated, do let us know. We will update or remove this data within the legally set terms.
You hold the right to know what personal data we hold on you, as well as the right to request a transfer of your data in a commonly used and machine-readable format.
You hold the right to oppose, free of charge, the use of personal data for purposes of direct and B2B marketing. Personalisation is however part of this processing for marketing. So if you use your right to oppose with regards to the personalisation of the Services Mediafin NV, as a result, they will not be able to provide you access to one or more Services by Mediafin NV which require an account.

You hold the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority; for this, you can address the Data Protection Authority

-via mail: Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels

-via telephone:  +32 (0)2 274 48 00

-via e-mail:

10. Changes to Privacy Policy
Mediafin Studios holds the right to change this Privacy Policy at any given time. We advise you to consult this Privacy Policy regularly, to assure that you remain up to date with any possible changes and to always be aware how your personal data can be used.

11. Contact
If you have any questions related to Privacy Policy, you can contact us in the following way:
-via post: Mediafin NV, Havenlaan 86C box 309, 1000 Brussels
-via e-mail: (contact data protection officer)

-via telephone: +32 (0)2 423 16 11

12. Applicable law
This Privacy Policy is subject to Belgian law.
Disputes related to this Privacy Policy fall solely under the jurisdiction of the Dutch and French courts and the courts of Brussels.